Self-Worth: Some Advice

Don’t look to others for a sense of self-worth, but to ourselves. Comparing yourself to others is the best way to tear yourself down, and can be detrimental to your mental health. Look instead at the unique traits that make us all different from one another, and remember to value yourself as much as you value others. Learn to notice your own suffering, acknowledge it. Don’t let life pass you by; act in a way that adds value to your life as well as building upon your sense of self-worth. When you can learn to value and love yourself as you do others, you can live a more fulfilled life.


Be Patient when Working through a Day

Working through the day can be a stressful endeavor when there are tasks that need to be completed. One thing to do when going about your day is to take a spare moment to visualize your daily goals, and prioritize which tasks require your immediate attention.

This way, you calmly think about each task and complete them more quickly and efficiently: rushing though is never the best way to get things done right.

Back in Action 

​I would like to take the time to apologize to those who may or may not have been looking forward to the next post, and for my long absence. It’s been about a third of a year since I’ve posted, but I’ve been a bit busy trying to get my motivation back. It’s as good as it’s going to be at the moment, so I can’t really complain. 
I’m ready to get back into the game, and start posting again. 

The Majestic Blue Sky

​With a great, burning passion

I fly high into the sky

Far above the clouds

Heading towards the stars

Following the wind without question

Knowing up here I’m safe

And am blessed with new freedom

A new sense of joy

From thrills felt by few

What else could feel this great

To be among the birds above

In a majestic paradise unmatched

A grand, blue, natural beauty

One can’t help but feel it so

When they fly so high in the sky

This was the first real poem I’ve written, so it won’t be of the same quality as later poems. 


​What comes to mind

When you hear that word:



Is it life everlasting?

Or maybe more



Is it our love?

And longing for each other



When I think of this word

I think naive

Yet maybe it isn’t so

Our daily lives aren’t



It is so much better

To get used to the fact

That our lives aren’t



It would truly be

The most horrific of curses

Living forever



A curse that, I

Would never want for

Even the most hated of foes



However, maybe our memory

Is the door to this

This wonderful, but frightening