Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Majestic Blue Sky

​With a great, burning passion

I fly high into the sky

Far above the clouds

Heading towards the stars

Following the wind without question

Knowing up here I’m safe

And am blessed with new freedom

A new sense of joy

From thrills felt by few

What else could feel this great

To be among the birds above

In a majestic paradise unmatched

A grand, blue, natural beauty

One can’t help but feel it so

When they fly so high in the sky

This was the first real poem I’ve written, so it won’t be of the same quality as later poems. 


Keep a Clear Head 

A good thing to do when youre stressed is to take a deep breath and relax. Keeping a clear head, even in high stress situations, makes you less likely to make irrational decisions. Don’t fall to the pressure, but rise to the occasion.


​What comes to mind

When you hear that word:



Is it life everlasting?

Or maybe more



Is it our love?

And longing for each other



When I think of this word

I think naive

Yet maybe it isn’t so

Our daily lives aren’t



It is so much better

To get used to the fact

That our lives aren’t



It would truly be

The most horrific of curses

Living forever



A curse that, I

Would never want for

Even the most hated of foes



However, maybe our memory

Is the door to this

This wonderful, but frightening



​Many things in this world

Will eventually change

Over the course of time. 
Forgotten are spoken words

Cinders follow dying flames

People wither and die
But, my tender live for you

Is a conpletely different story

For it will never fade
My emotions I know are true

For all that could possibly be

And new memories made
Making each day bright

Even in the worst

It may not always last
You are my sunlight

The one I love

Though opinions may clash
The time I spent with you

And the trials we endured

Made my days and weeks
With whay may ensue

My feelings, true, I assure

Of the wonderful girl before me
So never forget hoe special

You are to me, always

As I will forever cherish
The time spent together

Love, expressed in many ways

Our love is timeless

Love Someone, but Not Me

​Each day, I yearn more and more

For the hand of a girl so close

Yet embittered, it seems so far

As I am not the one she chose


Why should I be so jealous?

Of that one guy, just so lucky

It was not I whom she met first

And alas, this situation be not too sucky


I find it great to garner our friendship

Yet my jealousy first blinded me

To how great a person her chosen is

Quite frankly, jealousy and envy don’t suit me


This journey will be worth the while

As long as she is still here

How I enjoy her lustrous smile

As I stare from over there


Oh my gosh, she is quite adorable

Still, I can hope that in her eyes

My actions and I aren’t too deplorable

Even as I stare from way over here


It is obvious, I’m in love!

My heart and mind tell me so

Still, this love can be so tough

Head over heels, more so than I thought
I’m a man, disconnected from his feelings

Of that, there can really be no doubt

How can I really, in the world?

Tell her about these feelings flowing about


Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t

Reveal these feelings of mine just yet

In the chance of ruining our relationship, I couldn’t

Possibly bear that very thought


So I’ll let things stay as they are now

Because her smile I love to see

It matters much more to me

That each day, she remain happy


Because she’s the one I love

She should always be free

Even though she’s loving someone

That someone is, but not me