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Rhythm of Life 

​Coming and going like the Winter’s dawn, all inspiration has been leeched away.

My voice has faded, cold white snow on my fingertips.
There isn’t much left to scrape off the floor, so

I guess I’ll have to start from scratch at this point.
On the bright side, I’m none of the twenty odd bugs splattered across my mother’s windshield.
Right now, the best course of action is to live each day one at a time, taking what comes your way,

Because being engulfed in your own anxiety is a pretty shitty alternative.


Never Give Up!

​One thing that should always be remembered is that one must never give up. Success can only be achieved if you keep striving for it. Events rarely pan out the way we expect and prepare for; life will catch us off guard. 

Most true goals in life are difficult to achieve, some to the point where we believe they’re out of our grasp. An important part of maturing is realizing that we need to keep going, because when we give up on something and quit moving forward to reach it, then it’s guaranteed that we won’t succeed. 
Never give up on your dreams, because you will regret it.

Life is Great 

​Look at the sky

And now, everyone around 

Despite the mouthful of lies

And always falling down
It all happens for a purpose

And it’s fine in the end 

Like the beauty and thorns of a rose

You make, and you lose, friends
It’s not always easy

But live it for your sake 

That feeling of being free

Life is great